Thursday, 21 February 2013

Getting success with effective SEO campaigning

The success of a business activity is directly concerned with service users and money. For this purpose, Internet marketing is popularly used by most of the businesses because they want better return on investment and Calgary SEO service is all about diverting traffic towards the Canadian business website.

If we talk about time before 2011, it was very easy to manipulate the rankings in the search engine result but at present time, it is complicated because it is very hard to deceive search engines today. Search engines have become smart and they analyze the website’s all activities – from site structure to site content, from link building to social media sharing etc.

Search engines like Google want to keep the websites or results at top which can give the best experience to users because it is connected with the search engine’s performance and earning also. So, the old SEO style is now not working and it should be updated according to time.

On-page factors should be well optimized because these are always the first preference of search engines to look out. Then the link profile should be strong – No Spam low quality back links. Google’s own social media platform Google Plus is also playing important role in the search results. It is more important with localizing the business. Google is continuously experimenting with its search results as it some times shows only Google listings of websites in its search results of local queries. So it is not the ignorable factor and it can give your website, the top rankings in SERP.

SEO strategy in 2013

The search engines are getting smarter with the time and especially Google is playing very safely and intelligently to keep it’s searching algorithm one step ahead than others.

Last Year, Google launched many updates that totally changed the game of affecting search engine rankings for websites. The top updates were:
1. Panda
2. Penguin, and
3. EMD (Exact match domain)

Panda update affected websites with low quality content whereas Penguin update decreased the rankings of websites having low quality or poor back links. Google is also strict with the domain names including search terms just to get ranked high easily for the respective terms. So all the traditional methods of getting high position is SERP are old now and do not work.

So the question raises what to do for getting good position in various search engines? The answer is very simple – Increase the quality of website in all of the areas. These include:
1. Content
2. Back Links
3. Social Media presence
4. Better On-page Optimization
5. New link building strategy

The keyword stuffing is no more a safe game to play. Try to keep the content natural using user-friendly lay-out. Copied or low quality content will be punished badly so go with the good quality content. Regularly update the website with fresh unique writing and do not use exact match anchor texts for creating back links. Google’s rule is very simple regarding earning back links – Quantity is not the only parameter to earn good score, quality is more powerful of links.

For successful SEO campaigning, follow the Google Guidelines and use natural path to get top listings in the Search results.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

SEO services for small businesses

Internet marketing is undoubtedly, one of the major and result producing mode of the business marketing. Any business firm giving its services or products to customers via on-line store or physically also, requires SEO campaigning for increasing on-line visitors.

The concept is not new today because it is in trend for a couple of years in past but time-to-time, SEO experts change their strategy to perform better in various search engines’ result pages.

The requirement of using search engine optimization services is obvious for any business because the success of any firm directly depends on the number of users. More the users then more will be revenue of the business. The same thing is expected by the business owners. It is far away from spending huge amount of money in paid ads because optimizing website for search engines is closely related with organic searches and that is not concerned with paid ads visible on search engines or new sites.

Once your website get good visibility in major search engines for your service keywords, visitors will naturally come to your website by searching relevant keywords in the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. Though there are some more search engines like Ask, but most of the users search on Google, Yahoo and Bing. So analyzing the website in these search engines is more important than others. Due to the dominant position of Google in all of the Search Engines, SEO is also called Google SEO by some people.